Line, Video

The drawing of line was made on an electronic tablet in train from Prague to Dresden, on 6.10. 2005,
on the way to the Colloquium for The Space in the Musik – the Musik in the (Public-) Space,
Hellerau European Centrum of Arts, Dresden.
Journey time: 2:29h, the distance: 191 km. The digital print out of line/graphic version is 55m long.

Pressetext LINE / Dorothée Bauerle-Willert / Kunstverein Schwäbisch Hall deutsch

Line, Performance

Nolit Warehouse, Belgrade, November 2006

Live Performance, Multimediaprojekt
Anna Tretter, Manja Ristic (music interpretation) Nolit Warehouse, Belgrade, November 2006

The main aim we were trying to archive was the integration of the audio-visual content and the application of the direct response effect. Using all possible means of the technical aspect of an instrument. Line was a live presentation of decoding graphical notation. Inspiring video in the form of a minutes loop was translated into virtual violin sequences that were following graphical motifs. This way of “decoding” an abstract notation produced a broad range of atypical sounds, which opened a clear insight into the “natural” effects and sound capacity of a classical instrument. The performer was using a ZOOM 8080 sound processor as a minimal electronic device for volume and colour control.